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Quality Assurance Policy

  1. Introduction

    Well Handled Ltd has accreditation for many of their courses and is working towards accreditation of further courses with Open College Network (OCN). This gives our clients reassurance and satisfaction that quality standards are being met and attained through rigorous review systems in place with the accreditation and awarding body Open College Network.

    We value the process accreditation gives to our product range through:

    • Customer focus
    • Leadership
    • Involvement of people
    • Process approach
    • System approach to management
    • Continual improvement
    • Factual approach to decision making
    • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

    Well Handled feel that we have a strong quality ethic in all of these areas and working to the OCN accreditation standards provides us and our clients with a recognised and trusted model.

    We have an effective and efficient Quality Management System and Development Process which work hand in hand to ensure that we are delivering quality of work and quality of service. This is comprehensive and covers clients, staff and suppliers.

  2. Quality Management Principles

    Customer focus

    Well Handled have developed a client systems to ensure that we have a full understanding of the needs and expectations of the client as well as a thorough knowledge of their business or organisation, it's aims, needs, client base and competitors. These enable us to ensure that we can provide a service to the client which fully encompasses their needs, understands their business and allows us to create work within the quality standards which not only exceeds their expectations in terms of design but which also has a positive and measurable impact on their business.


    The management within Well Handled set objectives and ensure that everyone knows and understands these in order to deliver an efficient and effective service. The Quality Management and Development Process is maintained and promoted, the processes are implemented and the system is regularly reviewed.

    Involvement of people

    People within Well Handled are empowered to improve and develop the systems and are involved with all changes and improvements. The Quality Management and Development Processes cannot function without the commitment and dedication of all staff, suppliers and other relevant people.

    Process approach

    Well Handled has a thorough and efficient process approach for both the development process and the quality management within that process. This allows the result to be a high standard every time.

    System approach to management

    The Quality Management and Development Processes are understood and managed as a system whereby all work is carried out. This allows Well Handled to fulfil the requirements of the client and of Well Handled itself.

    Factual approach to decision making

    Decision making is based on analysis of information relevant to each task. Data and information is collected at various stages, starting with meeting the client and obtaining relevant information, to include information collected and supplied from other channels such as the internet, professionals and other trustworthy sources.

    Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

    In order to create value, enhance quality and ensure a high quality of service, Well Handled seeks to develop mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers. Well Handled currently have relationships of this type with public sector and independent sector clients, sales and marketing providers and other suppliers.

  3. Process

    Well Handled work closely with clients in order to ensure that all work carried out is of the highest quality and that we understand and meet their expectations. We ensure that the work carried out is delivered on time, within the budget, meeting the needs of the client.

    Well Handled have a developmental process for new clients and for returning clients which enables us to complete work in an organised, efficient and relevant manner, obtaining all the information we require at the tight points and so creating a final outcome which is fit for purpose and meets the brief.

    We focus on customer needs and our processes are implemented to enable the needs of our customers to be fulfilled and for quality to be achieved.

    Well Handled follows the Health, Safety and Environment Policy to ensure that a high standard is maintained.

  4. Roles and Responsibilities

    Well Handled provides training and resources to staff for their continued development and learning. These opportunities may be suggested by Well Handled, or our staff team. We also seek to enable staff to feel valued and important by giving them the opportunity to take ownership, make decisions and problem solve. We encourage and reward positive input, and ensure that staff understands the impact that their contribution makes. All our staff is encouraged to discuss issues that they have so that they can be dealt with.

    It is the responsibility of all staff to maintain the Quality Management System and Development Process, which enables Well Handled to function efficiently and successfully, producing high quality work.

    This will be monitored by Well Handled Ltd and the Director Iain Bolton is committed to making these work. As the Director Iain Bolton is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Quality Management System and to promote the policy and its objectives. The Director ensures that there is an emphasis on customer needs which are essential to the improvement and success of the system. The Director also ensures that the processes are implemented to enable the needs of customers to be fulfilled, and also that an effective and efficient Quality Management System is established, implemented and maintained to achieve the quality objectives. The Director must ensure that necessary resources are available and review the Quality Management System regularly. It is also their responsibility to determine actions and objectives for improvement of the Quality Management System.

  5. Documentation

    Documentation at each stage of the Development and Quality Management System is essential to ensure that the process is not only consistent but also that all information regarding the needs of the customer is communicated effectively. This helps to add value in the following ways:

    • Ensures customer requirements and quality improvement are met
    • Allows training needs to be identified and appropriate training to be provided
    • All projects are treated in the same way and can be traced back through the system
    • Evidence that the Quality Management System has been followed
    • Evaluation of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the Quality Management System

    A variety of different documents are used by Well Handled to monitor, evaluate and collect information in the Quality Management System.

    • A Quality Manual - provides information about the Quality Management System
    • Quality Plans - these describe how the Quality Management System is applied to a specific project or contract
    • Specifications - which state all the needs of the project
    • Guidelines - these show recommendations or suggestions
    • Diagrams, flow charts and instructions, which show how to follow the system and processes
    • Records - which show evidence that the systems and processes have been followed and also show evaluations and results

    Thorough documentation of the Quality Management System ensures that quality standards are monitored, consistent and exceeded.

  6. Evaluation

    Well Handled seek customer feedback which we use for assessment and improvement of our process, skills or any other aspect of Well Handled Ltd

    We also evaluate our systems and processes by auditing, reviews and self assessment. We do this in order to assess the effectiveness of our service and the end product, and also to identify opportunities for improvement. We also evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the systems and processes, to ensure that we are delivering the most suitable and appropriate result.

  7. Continual Improvement

    Well Handled sets targets for the future of the business and helps our clients to see ahead to where their businesses could be. We also set individual goals to enable our staff to move forward. We are always searching for methods and ideas which will improve the business in any way.

    Well Handled aims to continually improve the Quality Management System in order to exceed the expectations and enhance the satisfaction of customers. In order to continually improve the systems and processes we analyse and evaluate the current systems and processes to identify areas for improvement. Following this we establish objectives for improvement and look for solutions and choose one which is then implemented. We measure, analyse and evaluate the results of this to ensure that the objectives have been met before formalising the changes.

    Feedback from customers, audits and reviews of the Quality Management System and Development Process are also used to identify opportunities for improvement.

    Results are reviewed regularly to determine further opportunities for improvement

    We focus on customer needs and our processes are implemented to enable the needs of our customers to be fulfilled and for quality to be achieved.

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January 2018
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