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Environmental Policy

Poicy Statement

Well Handled Limited is committed to a comprehensive environmental policy which limits the impact the company has on the environment. The aim of this policy is to ensure that all employees are fully aware of the policy and work within the guidelines to minimise the impact of Well Handled on the environment.

Environmental Aims

In furtherance of the above policy statement Well Handled Ltd will:

Have a commitment to continuous improvement.

Comply with relevant environmental legislation as a minimum level of performance.

Educate and train employees in environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities.

Monitor progress and review environmental performance on a regular basis (usually annually).

Recycle all waste office paper. The building we work in operates a waste office paper recycling scheme. All rooms have recycling boxes which are emptied daily. The paper is stored and collected by a recycling company. There is also a designated cardboard recycling area which is also collected by a recycling company.

The building also has an inbuilt eco friendly boiler system, maximising the energy efficiency of hot water and central heating throughout the building.

Rainwater is collected and recycled to flush the toilets.

The cleaning services company use bleach free, low or non-toxic products,

All ink cartridges are recycled.

Well Handled uses recycled paper where possible for internal use, and we encourage clients to use recycled paper for their final outcomes.

We seek ways of reducing the use of paper. This is mainly through using notebooks rather than sheets of paper, which we find can be more wasteful. Also through using digital methods for both outbound and inbound communication whenever possible, and make less use of paper wasting postal services.

We conserve energy, water and other resources, whilst still providing a safe and comfortable working environment.

Use download options for software purchases where practical and shutdown equipment that will be inactive for more than 12 hours.


All employees will be made aware of the policy and its implementation as soon as possible after starting employment. Records of all environmental training undertaken by employees will be kept by Iain Bolton. Iain Bolton will provide an environmental induction for all employees.


To help meet the objectives of this policy the company will provide training that:

Increases awareness of the prevalence of and harmfulness of discrimination and prejudice on the grounds of age, race and sex, and the needs and abilities of people with disabilities or other disadvantages.

Examines the nature of discrimination, both direct and indirect, and the ways in which it can occur and can be prevented.

Assists managers and employees to behave in ways that are non-discriminatory; and

Explains the operation of and access to grievance and disciplinary procedures.


When considering candidates for promotion, care will be taken to consider those from all races, age groups and both sexes and those with disabilities where general ability is the main requirement.

Grievance Procedures

All allegations of sex or racial discrimination or discrimination on the grounds of disability, age or sexual orientation will be dealt with seriously and confidentially.

Record Keeping

Details of candidates and of selection decisions (including the rationale for selection or rejection) will be kept for at least six months after an appointment has been made in case they are required as evidence by an employment tribunal or for other proceedings. The company will keep records of the sex, ethnic group, age and any disability of its employees and of all candidates and of those shortlisted and appointed. Records may be used to determine whether members of one sex or persons of a certain racial group or age bracket or those with a disability do not apply for employment or apply in smaller numbers than might be expected or are shortlisted or appointed in a lower proportion than their application rate or are concentrated in certain jobs. The company will investigate the practicalities of monitoring progression within employment, including access to training and development, promotion and grading.

Review or Recruitment Practice

Recruitment procedures and practices will be kept under review so as to ensure that this policy is being adhered to and to ensure that they do not include requirements or conditions which constitute, or may lead to, unlawful discrimination.

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January 2018
Well Handled Ltd are presently developing a range of new and exciting training courses to run along side their successful range of Moving & Handling Training and Consultancy Services that they have been providing since 2003.

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